11. Burgenländische Tanztage

12. - 15. May 2016.

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LARA takes the pixelated movement patterns of early computer game characters as its starting point to explore digitally altered physicality. Mirjam Sögner translates the unnatural qualities and glitchy image errors of digital avatars back onto her own body, creating an uncanny hybrid. Imitating the imitation, she creates a physical body seemingly trapped in the digital realm. As our digital and physical realities grow together, this solo offers a bodily response to our changing experience of the world.


Choreography: Mirjam Sögner

Friday | 20h | OHO

AL13FB<3 rethinks rituals and questions social codes: formed, deformed and transformed by the body. The audience is lead through a poetic and futuristic landscape, where there is potential for magic. A lightsaber, dripping dye and crumpled foil become elements of Fernando Belfiore’s constantly renewing and transforming environment. As he shifts from sacred to profane, from pop to sci-fi, the physical experiences he constructs translate into surprising emotions for the audience.


Choreography: Fernando Belfiore

Friday | 21h | OHO

Dance meets sculpture meets garden shed. Douglas shares the the spotlight with simple objects in a choreography of cause and effect. Douglas arranges objects - usually carefully. Objects arrange Douglas - sometimes spectacularly. In this surprising, vulnerable and humorous solo, the audience has the privilege to enter the world of a solitary character. He makes connections the best way he knows how - through trial, error and boundless curiosity.


Choreography: Robbie Synge

Friday | 22h | OHO

A_Body Construction



A_Body Construction operates as an entanglement of elements from the visual arts and contemporary dance. Plastic material is associated with different areas of the body. It results in a transfer, which shifts information from the sculptures to the bodies of the performers and initiates movement. Bodies and objects are conceived as part of a connection, which reinvents the space of the body between anatomical reality and space of possibility.


Choreography: Iris Dittler

Saturday | 14h | OHO

The changing outline of society brings disorder. At the same time it opens opportunities for reshaping the geography of human co-existence.

In a 4 month process, 20 Burgenländers and 10 Refugees created a micro space for sharing the challenges of re-settlement.

Weltstück is a choreographic landscape seeking to redefine old orders of habit and to discover a world of shared differences.


Choreography: Liz King

Saturday | 17h | Messe

In-sis-tencia is a choreographic research of the poetry of Gertude Stein.

The vertiginous rhythm of her work is transformed into a phonetic base and choreographic score for Marco de Ana’s percussive and very personal style of flamenco.


Choreography: Marco de Ana

Saturday | 18h | Messe

Silver Blue

Queen of Hearts

Sons of Sissy

Silver Blue is the highly physical and expressive choreographic answer of the Slovakian Milan Tomasik Company  to their environment.

In a world that is increasingly dominated by mistrust, fear and hopelessness, the performers create a critical antithesis of true happiness.


Choreography: Milan Tomasik

Saturday | 19h | Messe

In their new work, translators and performers Navaridas & Deutinger take a closer look at the myth of Princess Diana. Style-icon, pop-princess, media whore, jet-set diva, hedonistic playgirl, rebel, uber-fundraiser, conspiracy victim, voice of the oppressed, mother, saint, goddess. Navaridas & Deutinger revive Diana as a modern day projection surface, questioning the manipulative display of private and public affairs and the symbolic value of inherited power structures.


Choreography: Navaridas & Deutinger

Saturday | 22h | OHO

Sons of Sissy explores the universe of traditions, folk dances and music from Austria. In an experimental, humorous and radical manner, four performers and musicians deconstruct traditional alpine practices.

Simon Mayer liberates rituals from all  conservatism and conventions and puts them in context with today's society.


Choreography: Simon Mayer

Sunday | 12h | OHO

Dancing Museums

Dance Talks

OHO Gallery

Dancing museums brings together choreographers from 5 countries with renowned museums  to explore the role live performance can play in enhancing our understanding and engagement in Art. During a 4 hour happening the artists invite you to participate in  choreographic tours through the Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste Vienna.


Choreography: Tatiana Julien, Dante Murillo, Fabio Novembrini, Connor Schuhmacher, Lucy Suggot.

Thursday | 16h | Akademiegalerie Wien

Artists, producers, scientists, students and the audience discuss the relevance, diversity, innovation and social awareness of contemporary dance in the context of Europe's changing societies.


Saturday | 12h | OHO

During the entire festival, a selection of international and regional dance films and videos are  shown the OHO Gallery.


Fri - Sun | 11 - 24h | OHO





Akademiegalerie Wien

14 - 18h   Dancing Museums   EU Project


19h   Festival Opening

20h   LARA   Mirjam Sögner

21h   AL13FB<3   Fernando Belfiore

22h   Douglas   Robbie Synge






12h   Dance Talks

14h   A_Body Construction   Iris Dittler

Messe Oberwart

17h   Weltstück   Liz King

18h   In-sis-tencia   Marco de Ana

19h   Silver Blue   Milan Tomasik


22h   Queen of Hearts   Navaridas & Deutinger


11h   Sons of Sissy   Simon Mayer

12h   Pfingstbrunch

Eat. Sleep. Dance.

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About the festival.

How to get to Oberwart.

  •

    The Burgenländische Tanztage bring together more than 100 choreographers, dancers and artists  from across the world to share their work.


    The programme presents outstanding international productions and premiers work from Austrian dance makers together with participative local community projects.


    The Tanztage are known for their unique  atmosphere that combines the local rural and relaxed setting with the freshest movement-based art.


  •

    Vienna to Oberwart by public transport.

    The easiest and fastest way to reach the Festival from Vienna by public transport is the Bus. (90 minutes)


    Take the Dr. Richard Linie G1 from Karlsplatz (Vienna) to Hauptplatz Oberwart.

    The bus stop is within short walking distance from all festival venues and hotels.


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    Vienna to Oberwart by car.

    Oberwart is 120 kilometers south of Vienna. Take the motorway A2 (Südautobahn), take the exit Oberwart and follow the signs to the center.


    Vienna Airport to Oberwart by taxi.

    A direct taxi transfer from the airport to the festival is available for € 120,-


    If you would like to book a Taxi just fill out the form and a driver will pick you up at the arrivals.


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