12. Burgenländische Tanztage

12. - 14. May 2017.

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Class on Stage

Vocazione all’Asimmetria


16 Members of the renowned Body Focus Group, a local formation of non professional dancers aged 26 to 70,  give an insight to their work and a warm welcome to the festival.


Friday | 20h | OHO

How to stay yourself when you meet the Other? Francesca Foscarini and Andrea Costanzo Martini explore the tension between what divides and what unites, in the search for a possible Us. Fuelled with energy by Andrea Cera's music and unfolding a succession of playful solos and joined moves, this exhilarating duet will leave you breathless.


Choreography: Francesca Foscarini

Friday | 21h | OHO

Daniele Ninarello creates an uninterrupted flow of movements in dialogue with the live soundscape played by Dan Kinzelman, mixing improvised music with his voice and saxophone. Kudoku, a duet between two highly skilled artists explores the physical and sonic expression of the body, the visible traces it leaves in time and space. Daniele Ninarello’s hypnotic moves will slowly wipe your gaze clean and bring you to a state of peace.


Choreography: Daniele Ninarello & Dan Kinzelman

Friday | 22h | OHO

Dance Talks

Violent Shifts


Artists, producers, scientists, students and the audience discuss the relevance, diversity, innovation and social awareness of contemporary dance in the context of Europe's changing societies.


Saturday | 12h | OHO

“Dreamers, they never learn, they never learn. Beyond the point of no return, of no return. When it’s too late, the damage is done, the damage is done. First goes, beyond me beyond you. A white room, by a window where the sun comes through. We are just happy to serve, happy to serve you.”  (Thom Yorke)


Choreography: Emmanuel Obeya

Saturday | 14h | OHO

Georg Reischl has choreographed for the Scapino Ballet, the Ballett Frankfurt, Tanztheater Wien and the Volksoper Wien. In recent years he has created a series of works with dance universities to share his experience with young dancers. Nowness is his latest collaboration with 13 graduate students of the MUK University Vienna.v


Choreography: Georg Reischl

Saturday | 17h | Messe

Relayed Reaction

Alien Express

Out of Life

A series of configured movements shows a dialog with a virtual figure that is influencing the performers,  encouraging a new language to emerge and attempting to erase habitual practice in relationship to the figure and the human body in space.


Choreography: Esther Balfe

Saturday | 17:30h | Messe

Jump on an astral train taking you on a journey of transformations. Turning David and Goliath into a Centaur, climbing a mountain or singing a love song, Žigan Krajnčan and Gašper Kunšek invite dream-like images on stage. Alien Express is a disarming and gripping duet traveling from duality to unity, solidly anchored in a refreshing friendship.


Choreography: Žigan Krajnčan and Gašper Kunšek

Saturday | 18h | Messe

In her new piece Out of Life Liz King scrutinises diverse archetypes which are inherent in the power of today's  media.  5 dancers play out characteristic symbols of power and persuasion in a permanently shifting physical narrative.



Choreography: Liz King

Saturday | 19:30h | Messe

Babylon Burgenland

Tanztage Party

OHO Gallery

A group of local electronic musicians and writers investigate Burgenland's different spoken languages in search for the Sound of Burgenland. Constructing and deconstructing melody, words, grammar and rhythm of the languages the collective gives a dadaistic insight to the bigger picture of Burgenland's Identity.


Saturday | 22h | OHO

Saturday | 23h | OHO

During the entire festival, a fine selection of contemporary dance photography and videos are shown at the OHO Gallery.


Fri - Sun | 11 - 24h | OHO




19h   Festival & Exhibition Opening

20h   Class on Stage

21h   Vocazione all'Asimmetria

22h   Kudoku






12h   Dance Talks

14h   Violent Shifts

Messe Oberwart

17h   Nowness

17:30h   Relayed Reaction

18h   Alien Express

19:30h   Out of Life


22h   Babylon Burgenland

23h   Tanztage Party


12h   Hangover Brunch

Eat. Sleep. Dance.

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About the festival.

How to get to Oberwart.

  •

    The Burgenländische Tanztage bring together more than 100 choreographers, dancers and artists  from across the world to share their work.


    The programme presents outstanding international productions and premiers work from Austrian dance makers together with participative local community projects.


    The Tanztage are known for their unique  atmosphere that combines the local rural and relaxed setting with the freshest movement-based art.


  •

    Vienna to Oberwart by public transport.

    The easiest and fastest way to reach the Festival from Vienna by public transport is the Bus. (90 minutes)


    Take the Dr. Richard Linie G1 from Karlsplatz (Vienna) to Hauptplatz Oberwart.

    The bus stop is within short walking distance from all festival venues and hotels.


    View bus schedule  >

    Vienna to Oberwart by car.

    Oberwart is 120 kilometers south of Vienna. Take the motorway A2 (Südautobahn), take the exit Oberwart and follow the signs to the center.


    Vienna Airport to Oberwart by taxi.

    A direct taxi transfer from the airport to the festival is available for € 120,-


    If you would like to book a Taxi just fill out the form and a driver will pick you up at the arrivals.


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