Burgenländische Tanztage

Kulturzentrum Eisenstadt

31. May & 1. June 2019



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19h   Festival Opening

20h  Game Over

21:30h   Cellule

22:30h   Tanztage Party


14h   Migrant Bodies

16:30h   Super [Human]

17:00h   What we hold inside

17:30h   Blatny

19:30h   Drift (I,II)

20:30h   Models of Reality

22h   Tanztage Party

Festival Opening

Game Over


Join us at the new home of D.ID and celebrate the opening of the festival in it's lovely new location in Eisenstadt.


Friday 31. May | 19h

100 years after the birth of the author and intellectual Julio Cortazar, who’s stories explored the border between reality and fiction, the Urban Dance Theatre LOW AIR from Vilnius embark on an excursion into a surreal world.


Today we live in a world where the lines between facts and fantasies seem to be continuously blurred. The highly dynamic performance by the Lithuanian collective picks up this development and casually drifts from everyday realities in a world of fantastic reality.


Choreography: Low Air Urban Dance Theatre

Friday 31. May | 20h

50 Minutes

Using the language of Krump, Nach, the avatar of dancer and choreographer Anne-Marie Van gives birth to the multiple characters bubbling under her skin. In a solo of rare intensity, Nach invites you to enter her cell and to witness the kaleidoscopic metamorphosis of her androgynous body.


Cellule offers a personal and liberated vision of Krump, a dance style born in the early 2000s after the race riots in Los Angeles.


Choreography: Anne-Marie Van

Friday 31. May | 21.30h

40 Minutes

Migrant Bodies

Super [Human]

What we hold inside

Migrant Bodies is an international project that connects four European choreographic centres in Paris, Bassano del Grappa, Eisenstadt and Zagreb. A group of international choreographers, writers, filmmakers, educational institutions and citizens are working together with migrants and refugees. Together they are creating new and relevant methods of inclusion for migrants and local citizens with dance and moment based initiatives.


For the installation shown in Eisenstadt a group of unaccompanied minor refugees, who currently live in Rechnitz, have been working with a group of local citizens for several months in the Choreographic Center Burgenland.


Saturday 1. June | 14h

120 Minutes

superhuman (suːpəˈhjuːmən): Above or beyond what is human;

having a higher nature or greater

powers than humans have.

Related words: godlike, extraordinary, supernatural, heroic, divine, great, Herculean, omnipotent, bionic.


super[human] is a moved and moving approach to the „enhanced“ and „expanded“ bodies of our future

and their forms of (co)existence.
three cyborgs, hybrid composite beings, set off on a quest for human qualities in a post- human world.


Choreography: Katharina Senk

Saturday 1. June | 16.30h

30 Minutes

A piece about what is inherent to the human body: movements, states, emotions, life stories. What shapes us? Oscillating between movement and voice, the performer develops a poetic cosmos of associations, layer by layer, revealing these stories to the audience.


The relation of movement and voice to develop a new "language" underlies this choreographic work: A dance of associations and references from known and unknown movements, gestures, to sounds, to singing, speaking unfolds, and successively recognizable forms and meanings reach the surface.


Choreography: Eva-Maria Schaller

Saturday 1. June | 17h

30 Minutes


Drift (I, II)

Models of Reality

Blatný is based on the literature of the Czech poet Ivan Blatný. In 1948 he travelled to London and never returned. In an BBC interview during his journey he criticised the oppression of freedom and culture in Czechoslovakia. Shortly after that he was categorised as traitor. His assets were confiscated, he lost his citizenship and his poems were prohibited. His life in exile was full of material worries and psychological difficulties.

Choreography: Martin Dvorak

Saturday 1. June | 17.30h

30 Minutes

Stage performance, live concert or sculpture? Drift (I,II) is an exploration of slowness that defies genres. Two male performers wearing pink hoodies question our gaze and like two islands navigate from codependency to estrangement. Venturing into exhaustion, their bodies are forced to manoeuvre with precision through an immensity of details, an infrastructure of otherwise unnoticed actions.


Choreography: Mario Barrantes Espinoza & Thomas Birzan

Saturday 1. June | 19.30h

40 Minutes

In their acoustic manifestation, different materials can create imaginary spaces on stage: the rustling of the leaves, the crunching of gravel, or the friction of surfaces such as concrete or glass, remind us that utopian sculptures

can appear through physical transformation. Inspired by the design ideas and architectural concepts of the Bauhaus founded 100 years ago in Weimar, the performers take the principle of “Form Follows Function” quite literally, while simultaneously deconstructing it.


In Models of Reality the transformation and solidification of sound into spatial contexts are the acoustic counterpart to the leaps of bodies and minds and evoke different emotional connotations: How do we, for instance, perceive an embrace when it’s accompanied by the sound of cracking? Sensory atmospheres and noise collages come together to create a foundation for imaginary rooms centred around the human body – according to Foucault the “main actor of all utopias”.


Choreography: Chris Haring

Saturday 1. June | 20.30h

60 Minutes

Kulturzentrum Eisenstadt

Franz-Schubert-PLatz 6

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