The changing outline of society brings disorder. At the same time it opens opportunities for reshaping the geography of human co-existence. In a 4 month process, 20 Burgenländers and 10 Refugees are creating a micro space for sharing the challenges of re-settlement.

Dancing Museums

Dancing museums brings together dance Organisations from 5 countries with renowned museums from the Louvre and the National Gallery to the Boijmans van Beuningen, Arte Sella and the Akademiegalerie in Vienna to explore new ways of interacting with audiences and to highlight the role live performance can play in enhancing our understanding and engagement in Art.

Songs of the Water, Tales of the Sea

For the second year young refugees living at the Diakonie Jugendhaus Rechnitz are supported through a choreographic project initiated by D.ID to tell the stories of their long escape to Austria.

Back to the Future

Tanztheater Wien was founded in 1982 on the principle of collective input from its members and made a central contribution to initiate a new artistic movement in Vienna.

Love & Delay


Underworlds is devised by Liz King as a Dancer Development Project.

4 young women who are completing  their BA at the Konservatorium Vienna present an uncanny reflection on the body and it's unvoluntary messages.

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    Choreography, Mentoring: Liz King.

    Performers: Katharina Illnar, Katalin Piri, Katharina Senk, Agata Wierzba.

    Production: D.ID Dance Identity.

    Duration: 40 Minutes.

A_Body Construction

A_Body Construction operates as an entanglement of elements from the visual arts and contemporary dance. Plastic material is associated with different areas of the body.


Aerowaves is a hub for dance discovery in Europe. It identifies the most promising new work by emerging dance artists and then promotes it through cross-border performances. Aerowaves' network of partners in 33 countries enables these younger choreographers to bring brand new dance to brand new audiences.


Through the process of retracing the path from the instinctive moment of our ancestors, tracking will follow patterns and spatial relationships to create a ritual within a contemporary idiom.

Beyond Fronta

Beyond Fronta - Bridging new terretories brings together dance organisations from 5 countries to create Dance Communication Labs, audience exchange and a series of international presentations.


Rockers is a dance performance inspired by the human passions, excitements and curiousity of Hieronymus Bosch's paintings. The piece is a journey of different stations waving between human strength and fragility.

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    Rockers loops, triggers and evokes different perceiptions of euphoria, tenderness, rebellion and exhaustion. It rocks our human condition and the fragility of our mortal strength.


    Choreography: Dante Murillo.

    Performance:  Pawel Dudus, Dante Murillo.

    Music: Andres Gutierrez.

    Light: Peter Thalhammer.

    Costumes: Monica Gross.

    Production: D.ID Dance Identity.

    Duration: 40 Minutes.

Rivers of Europe

From the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

Rivers of Europe is an international artistic, civic and educative initiative bringing together cultural organisations from along the river Danube.

Attan bleibt bei uns

A group of young Afghani men live in a home for young refugees in Rechnitz, a small village in Burgenland. Their life oscillates between the past and their future: learning German, cooking, waiting, hoping, killing time, sleeping.

Signature Series

Michael Turinsky, a handicapped dancer and choreographer transfers his specific signature to non-handicapped dancers.

Figure 5

The choreography figure 5 sets urgent pictures of five bodies in different constellations of nearness and distance, as well as images of synchronicity and intimacy. Within a clearly defined stage area hedged in with the audience, figure 5 can be observed as a mobile sculpture.

Your Dancer

In 2010 Liz King asked Georg Blaschke to create a solo for her. Numerous conversations, interviews and the collecting of documentary material allow the biographical positioning of a personality who has experienced the whole gamut of exposure to the public as a female artist.

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